Portable Oxygen

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Invacare Homefill Kit

Revolutionises ambulatory oxygen by allowing user to fill their own cylinders from their Invacare® 5-litre concentrator. (Approval required for DHB...

Rental Code: HFUO2

Invacare Homefill Cylinder

Empty aluminium ambulatory cylinders. Can only be used with the HomeFill II system to fill high-pressure cylinders from a concentrator. (Approval...

Rental Code: HFC9C

XPO2 Portable Concentrator

Compact and portable oxygen concentrator, weighing only 2.9kg, ideal for users who are active and travelling but require oxygen. (Approval required...

Rental Code: XPO1

SOLO2 Portable Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrator, with pulse and continuous flow oxygen, power and battery module, flight approved. (Approval required for DHB rental)

Rental Code: SOLO1

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